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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

Our Mission

The CopNShoup company strives to go out and search for the best products and prices on the market just for you!

Our Approach

Through bulk orders and our great communication and connections with our suppliers we are capable of providing unbeatable prices for premium products.

Our Stories

Bro, I just copped the dopest earphones, bracelet, and spinner all in this one shop, copNshop. I can’t wait to see what they have coming next!

Our Philosophy

You wanna cop it, we got the stuff you need! Just take a look around our deals are so great that they are a steal!

CopNShop sells the BEST variety of spinners, bracelets, and Headphones. Our Headphones offer the highest quality of sound without the hassle of wires. Our spinners can spin for times exceeding 2 full minutes and we offer the best selection for your fidgeting needs. Our bracelets are the most trendy on the market right now and the prices are amazing!